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"Carla Gomez Klein is a true blessing.  She is a woman who has helped so many with her mindfulness, meditation and guided imagery sessions.  As a bereaved mother who suffers from PTSD, Carla has taught me how to breathe through my pain and to focus on my inner strength.  Her guided meditation has helped me enormously and has given me tools to use during this very challenging time in my life."  - Mary Heveran

"The morning meditation class with Carla that I was able to take recently was one of calm, peace and self-awareness. During this time of a worldwide pandemic, it was a panacea for my soul. Carla has a gift to center your mind, body, and spirit in a way that is easy and calming with her every word. She encourages you to be in touch with your thoughts, positive or negative, and move forward in peace. I highly recommend her meditation class as a gift you give yourself, especially during these stressful times." - Bernadette Choflet

"Carla's meditation classes have been no less than life-changing. Her approachable style, calming presence, and easy to follow meditations have allowed me a deep dive into my practice and also helped me to quickly connect with myself in the middle of a hectic workday.  


I'm not sure how she does it, but I always feel more alive, refreshed, clear thinking, and creatively open after experiencing one of her classes. Thank you Carla!" - Kevin Delaney

"Long time pal, and dharma buddy. Carla's intuitive understanding and compassionate nature make her an incredible coach. She has put in many years of study and work to obtain extensive wisdom about mindfulness practice and how to incorporate in daily life. I am grateful for her positive outlook and ability to see through challenges and help me find ways to leverage spiritual practice to alleviate my emotional pain. I highly recommend working with Carla to coach you on how to make mindfulness practice an integral part of your daily life. She's the best." - EJ Mastel 

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